Directing Reviews


“There comes a time when a relatively new theatre company sheds the label “emerging” or “new” and makes a creative statement that shows it stands with any and all of a community’s creative producers. “Parade” makes such a statement. StageWest Theatre Company’s latest offering boldly and successfully establishes the seeming oxymoron: an epic musical in the Stoner Theater space. Parade is a legacy-proving milestone bringing a production value rivaling any Iowa theatre company’s best, including touring productions. Parade is a show which must be seen, or forever regretfully missed … The flow and energy of Parade is continuous and irresistible. It is richly filled with engaging songs, staging and ensemble work, thanks to the expertise of Director/Choreographer Karla Kash.” – Cultural Buzz


“On the count of having a superb cast with outstanding vocal skills, the jury finds the defendant, StageWest’s production, Parade, guilty. On the count of providing an intense, emotion-packed evening of live theater that will have audiences talking about the show for years, the jury finds the defendant guilty… I haven’t experienced such a visceral reaction to a production since my response to hearing the rotor before the helicopter lands on stage in “Miss Saigon.” – The Des Moines Register

“Director/choreographer Karla Kash and her pumped-up cast fill the stage with enough eye-popping diversion to satisfy the most demanding devotee of the all-singing, all-dancing musical. All the creative forces mesh beautifully for an invigorating Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that you won’t soon forget.” – Springfield News Leader


“StageWest’s Forbidden Broadway is one of the most dynamic and talent-laden productions to be seen in this region for some time.  Absolutely, soulfully and decadently delicious! Director/Choreographer Karla Kash assembled this marvelous cast, pushing them through a quick-paced show that especially challenges the cast and crew with its lightening fast costume changes. Kash fills the song and stage with movement evoking the specters of these Broadway shows, and her cast delivers some wonderful physicality in their work. ” – Cultural Buzz


“This artistic team gathered a gifted cast, and created a show sure to be appreciated by performing arts patrons… Director Karla Kash excels in coordinating the complex demands of [Jerry Spring – the Opera] … StageWest is to be commended for assembling such a superb production, and giving our community bragging rights for a show destined to becoming a cult phenomenon around the world. “– Cultural Buzz


The Beebo Brinker Chronicles is a production all Central Iowa theatre patrons should see, as it showcases the best in community theatre while remaining true to the producing company’s position of bringing eclectic, urban theatre on the edge. The Beebo Brinker Chronicles is filled with wit, complexities and savageness. It deserves the attention of those who appreciate good, locally-produced theatre. StageWest has another memorable gem on its hands.” – Cultural Buzz


“Director Karla Kash doesn’t let the two hours [of Beebo Brinker] coast on caricature. When the saxophones fade out, real emotions rise to the surface.” – The Des Moines Register


“[Bill W. and Dr. Bob] is worth retelling, and StageWest does it well, with an insightful script by Stephen Bergman and Janet Surrey, thoughtfully paced direction by Karla Kash.” – The Des Moines Register


Performance Reviews


“The guys [in Title of Show] get help from two supporting characters, played with hilarious sarcasm by Karla Kash and sunny charm by Kellie Kramer, who manage to steal even some of the scenes that weren’t written explicitly for them, like the second-act number called — what else? — ‘Montage Part 2: Secondary Characters.’” – The Des Moines Register


“Kash and Kramer are equally impressive [in Title of Show], each bringing her unique talents and energies to her role. Kash positively glows through a vast array of facial expressiveness, powerful vocals and irresistible movement. In “Die, Vampire, Die,” Kash delivers an Act 1 closing number that reverberates long past that act’s blackout.”  –  Cultural Buzz


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